Welcome to Economics Ninja!

Economics Ninja is a site for economics students to practice key principles of introductory economics courses. The site was originally developed to provide extra practice for AP Macroeconomics students.

What can you do here?

The site contains the following economics practice questions:
  • Unemployment type (unemployment practice problems for identifying structural, cyclical, and frictional unemployment. Plus who is or is not in the labor force.
  • Comparative Advantage and Absolute Advantage (practice problems for identifying who has the comparative and absolute advantage, includes labor units practice and production practice)
  • GDP (practice identifying what is included in GDP and also what component of GDP)
  • Unemployment and labor force calculations
  • Banking balance sheets (practice problems with multiple deposit expansion and money supply increases given changes in bank balance sheets)
  • AD/AS Models (Aggregate demand practice problems, including identifying recessionary and inflationary gaps)
  • Long Run Growth (sample problems which mimic policy decisions countries must make to contribute to long run growth)

  • Registered users can use the site to demonstrate mastery on the following topics:
  • Unemployment type
  • Calculating unemployment and labor force participation rates
  • Comparative Advantage/Trade
  • What is included in GDP
  • CPI and inflation
  • Long run growth
  • GDP calculations and deflator

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